Our Team

Developing an Oxford Ontario Health Team takes time and dedication from health care providers and organizations throughout Oxford County and the surrounding areas. A Coordinating Committee was established to lead the development of the Oxford OHT, along with five Action Teams that will report back to the committee with progress updates.

Our Teams:
Patient Engagement: 
The Patient Engagement Action Team is responsible for bringing the perspectives of patients, families, and caregivers into the design of the Oxford Ontario Health Team model. This group has developed a Patient Engagement Framework that will guide the creation of a local Patient Declaration of Values, and will plan the various ways that patient input will drive navigation, quality improvement, patient relations, patient experience, and leadership roles (including governance).  Comprised of six patient partners from across our region, the group has a variety of experiences as personal users of the health care system and also as caregivers.

Collaborative Governance
The Collaborative Governance Action Team is led by members of the Steering Committee. This group will explore different models of collaborative governance that may be considered as we go forward as an Integrated Ontario Health Team.

Communications & Community Engagement
Community engagement is ongoing, and is supported by our Communications and Community Engagement Action Team. This action team has developed a Communications and Community Engagement Framework and Communications Plan, they are also responsible for the development of standardized presentation materials and branding, the public website ( www.oxfordandareaoht.com ), and a quarterly newsletter that has been distributed widely to community partners and public.

Digital Health
The Digital Health action team is comprised of well-versed members from all sectors. This team is extremely knowledgeable of many of the current digital health products in use across Ontario, and is developing a proposed solution to digitally connect the various providers and their systems to better care for people receiving health care.

Year 1 Population Pathway
Our Year 1 Population Action Team has combined representation from patients and caregivers from across our geography and representation from all health sectors, they are responsible for making recommendations on how the OHT will transform care.  This team has created an integrated care proposal for identified Year 1 Populations.

Primary Care Engagement
The Primary Care Engagement Action Team is made up of family physicians, nurse practitioners, and primary care administration, representing a diverse range of primary care models.  This team has a firm belief in the value of team-based, connected care, and have a goal of building relationships and engaging with primary care stakeholders across the region.